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TiMo Apparel is a surf line in partnership with The Susan G. Komen Foundation of Los Angeles County. A percentage of sales is given to Find a Cure for Breast Cancer and assist families affected.





Hawaii Raised TiMo grew up surfing the waves of Oahu. His understanding of surf has 

transformed how he lives his life. Having a deep respect for things bigger than him, 

Enjoying the ride and Taking in the tides. 


Music has the power to heal, to transform and to express what words can not. His passion

for Rock began in High School and since then TiMo has implemented ROCK to create a 

movement to HELP others. His songs are a reflection of his own story of overcoming 

all obstacles. Never giving up. Never giving In. His newly released PINK ALBUM is dedicated to those who have had to fight for their life. Empowering those affected by Breast Cancer


TiMo has dedicated his personal and professional life fighting for causes that provide hope and healing. The TiMo line is a fashionable way to join the fight against breast cancer. Help us reach 1 million this year. 

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