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Oceana Wear is an exclusive collection of KrisT's fine art on high quality clothing. Her vivid colors and detailed prints capture Aloha and her deep respect of Hawaii Life. Her pieces come in limited quantities and are a perfect fit for all aspiring Mermaids.  In order to keep true to the exclusive nature of this collection ordering is only available during Publicized Online Sales Events and Private In Home Parties. 

Host an Oceana Event and cash in on style. Online or in person just invite your friends to a private showing and earn rewards to complete your salty air and sandy beach wardrobe. 

By signing up to be a distributor you will receive a wholesale buying discount and earn an income by reselling KrisTs Art  collections to your select group of mermaids. Set your own goals, whether it be some added spending money or a full time income. The Ocean is your limit. 

Your kit includes, Limited Collections, Suggested Retail Pricing and One to One 

support by the artist herself.